Production Log Software

Production Log Interpretation Course

Using PLWin software for PCs.

Day 1:

Introduction to: PL sensors, Logging programs, Log Quality Control
Data organization, Data formats: Files, tape/disc, LAS, ASCII, LIS
Interpretation principles, Required client results, Flow in deviated wells
All PLT sensors on the market: Principles, experience with results
PLWin software: Demonstration of existing data set.
Work with PLWin software on easy PL data sets
PL data load in new well, automatic data display
Depth shift of all passes with reference to Open Hole GR, editing, averaging, Spinner calibration and velocity curve, Plot of computed curves for all well conditions

Day 2:

More work with additional PL data sets
Preferably focused on client data files such as Well sketches, PVT parameters and rates
Computation of PVT parameters of existing field or correlations
Multiphase flow results: Zonal and continuous results and curves
Result displays, optionally including Open Hole CPI result curves
LAS files for pass data and averaged + computed result data

Days 3 - 5:

Work with PLWin software on more difficult data sets:
Producing and injecting wells, different fluid combinations
High and low flowrates
Low and high water cut
Low and high deviation including horizontal data
Discussion of typical problems for the various well and flow conditions.
Course venue: In-house course on premises of Oil / Service company.
Course material: Provided on CD (course subjects plus data files).
One Course Manual optionally provided per participant at cost of € 90.00.
Audience: Reservoir Engineers, Production Engineers, Logging Engineers.
Technical Assistants, Sales Engineers (Day 1 of course).
Number of Participants: Day 1: no limit, also suited for managers.
From day 2 on: up to 10 participants, with a maximum of 2 users per PC.
PC equipment: Standard Desktop-PC or laptop operated by Microsoft Windows 98 or later, 100 MB disk space, a free USB port (mandatory for attaching PLWin security plugs provided by PLS)

Course Fee:

Up to 4 participants working with PLWin: Euro 5,300.00  / week

Additional participants, each

Euro 600.00  / week
5 working days of up to 8 hours a day
additional hours, each Euro 100.00  
Additional day preparing client PLT data Euro 775.00  
Travel day: Euro 375.00  
Travel expenses: Reasonable travel, accommodation and meal expenses.
Late cancellation: within 2 weeks 25%, within 1 week 50% of basic course fee.

Instructor: Dieter Bartsch

January 2015

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