Production Log Software

Consultancy and Interpretation Services


  • Training of client personnel in Cased Hole interpretation and help with actual interpretations.
  • Finalizing interpretations of data sets provided (e-mailed) in PLWin format (*).
  • Design of Cased Hole logging programs to optimise interpretation results.
  • Training of Engineers in Cased Hole data requirements and interpretation.
Office Work:
One day Euro 775.00
Half day Euro 475.00
In-house interpretation course: 1 week, using PLWin software more information

(for up to 4 participants)

Euro 5,300.00

Additional participants, each

Euro 600.00
In-house General Cased Hole interpretation course (PLT, TDT, CBL, Imaging):
2 days, covering fundamentals and theoretical foundations more information

(for up to 4 participants)

Euro 3,300.00

Additional participants, each

Euro 425.00
Travel day Euro 375.00
Travel expenses: Reasonable travel, accommodation and meal expenses.
Late cancellation of courses: within 2 weeks 25%, within 1 week 50% of basic course fee.

Client data can be covered during the weekly course. The price of a weekly in-house course is based on five working days of approximately 8 hours each and includes a CD with the course material.


Production Log and Thermal Neutron Decay Log interpretation using the PLWin software package.

Interpretations are provided by Dieter Bartsch.

Production Log Interpretation, 1 rate + shut-in* Euro 1800.00

additional rate

Euro 350.00

MAPS data interpretation: unrotate; top, middle, bottom averages; rates;

add 50%

DEFT/GHOST data interpretation: averages

add 10%

additional Selective Inflow Performance

Euro 350.00
Production Log interpretation, long horizontal wells, temperature simulation, daily** Euro 775.00
Pulsed Neutron interpretation, baseline Euro 740.00
Pulsed Neutron time-lapse interpretation with processed data of earlier runs (if available) Euro 740.00
Pulsed Neutron interpretation, stand-alone*** Euro 925.00

* Work outside of office hours: 20% surcharge
** Quotation required
*** Shipping costs of interpretation packages ex Bochum or Aberdeen will be added to the quoted prices.

The cost of Courier shipping of interpretation packages will be added to the quoted prices.

All interpretation reports are in A4 format and include the following:
  • Raw data display
  • Spinner/cable speed plots and reports
  • Velocity computation
  • PVT and multiphase flow computation and zonal result reports or Pulsed Neutron computation
  • Result displays
  • Written interpretation report
  • Output digital data files in ASCII, LAS or LIS format
The provisional results are normally forwarded to clients by e-mail in pdf format and the final interpretation output is also provided in pdf format. Hardcopy reports: Euro 90.00 per copy.

January 2015

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